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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the pentagon is sending extra forces to shore up security as u.s. and danielle nottingham is at the state department where officials are keeping a tense watch. marines carried the casket of the four americans killed in libya of a c-17 pyrrophyte >> for americans, for patriots, the love this country. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and hundreds of staff members, the four men were killed when the u.s. consulate in libya came under attack on tuesday >> today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values.
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>> the obama's administration is pushing back against a british newspaper report that the state department and credible information about the attack 48 hours before it happened. >> the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission was planned or imminent. >> violent demonstrations against the anti his lawn film spread across the moslem world friday. protesters breached the grounds of the u.s. embassy it indonesia and sudan, which they agree mom's ripping down the american flag and replacing it with a black flag of muslim extremists. >> for the very latest on information about the attacks and more from the ceremony honoring the americans, though tore website at a rally in ohio mitt romney
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ask supporters to join him in a tribute to the americans killed in libya. republican presidential nominee held a moment of silence after reading the victims' names aloud. also, president obama is holding onto its slim lead in its effort to hold onto his job. a new poll gives him a slight edge over mitt romney, 49 percent of likely voters say they're going with the incumbent. that is within the margin of error but there is one interesting note, there is not much wiggle room, just 4 percent say they're still undecided. of the gap is outgrowing its san francisco headquarters so it is looking to move to the suburbs. a growing trend for companies to move to the land of soccer mom's and families. >> it is all coming to a town near you, especially in pleasanton. right now the gap has not
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confirmed they are coming here, they're checking out the area. this quiet family town, population 71,000, is now attracting a new mix of high- tech. companies like san francisco based gap now scouting vacant office space like this in pleasanton. >> it is a tremendous business environment with two different bart stations >> clorox recently moved several hundred employees to its pleasanton location. x radio, a high-tech 3d imaging for moved its headquarters to a building also in pleasanton. so what factors go into corporate moves? easy access to
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public transportation, cheaper leasing space, quality of life in a convenience to employees. mom and pop businesses welcomed the additions. >> we're happy to have you. it brings in income, it gets people hired and we like that. >> in my mind there will be lunch breaks can grab and go meals after work and it will actually help us quite a bit. >> for those who have been part of the community for decades, it is a positive sign of growth >> i have lived here for 42 years and i have seen this town go from one stoplight to at least over 100 now. if you could live and work here it would be the ideal situation >> while pleasanton has not signed the final deal is with the gap and that company has not said it is moving here, the city
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says the welcome mat is here. >> the set announced this week it is moving its corporate headquarters from san francisco to foster city. fees that already has a large campus in foster city. investigators in antioch are trying to figure out if an arsonist is behind three separate fires that broke out last night. two of them were at a strip mall on sycamore drive. earlier there was a tree fire at antioch high school. police are wrapping up security at sunday night's 49ers homo opener against the detroit lions. undercover officers dressed in both teams' colors will be at the game. officers will also be on the lookout for ticket scalpers. there could be a delay in appointing a new school superintendent in berkeley. the school board was set to
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vote on the appointment but critics accuse him of supporting proposition 8, citing a memo key issue was superintendent in san bernardino county. a closer look at that memo reveals he was asking for guidance on the issue, not necessarily stating an opinion. we saw you and we know exactly what you're doing. that reality check may soon be in the mail for people in crews east oakland looking for sex. joe vasquez shows us how the fight against prostitution is getting personal >> neighbors say they have tried it all through the years. they have called the cops but they are busy with homicides. they have gone to civil court and shutdowns and hotels and now they will try public embarrassment of the so-called john. customers of prostitutes. >> every day i see teenagers being picked up by 50 year-old man >> folks in the neighborhood of
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san antonio say a pattern that >> every day i see children, essentially walking past naked women. these guys ought to be embarrassed already >> the embarrassment will happen when a suspected customer gets a little something extra in the mail >> this is the letter >> it is called a dear john letter, signed by the oakland police, it will notify the owner of the car that their vehicle was spotted in an area known for prostitution. it makes no direct accusation. it will focus on international boulevard in an area nicknamed the track. the city recently achieved what it calls a victory in shutting down to hotels that were suspected hotbeds for prostitution. while some neighbors are celebrating-up down there also lamenting the fact that it appears more women may have been forced back on the street. now this campaign encourages people to write down license plate of people soliciting sex
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workers own them into the cops. what happens if a random car gets mistaken? >> we will not report people who are parked, we will report people do we see talking to girls were clearly selling sex. that's what we will do. >> the cops are blocking off 17th avenue here near international because they are about to have the kickoff event for this letter campaign. the expect a couple hundred people out here starting at 530. >> there are only a handful of hours left to get amazon deals without paying sales tax. the forecast has been picture perfect for most of you all week long but now, an onshore flow is picking up. >> i take part almost every
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weekend i ha,,,,,,,,
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>> you are looking at live pictures out of southern california, and wild fire is burning on the east side of interstate 4 05. it started just hours ago over l.a.. it is hot and windy there right now with homes in the area but none have burned so far. no word yet on how the fire got started. a record year for a brighter ship as but bart in a popular position. for this economy, the transit agency's sitting on nearly $11 million of extra money. and mackovic shows us how it will use the money for big improvements and taking care of some past problems. >> in this age of tight budgets
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and service cuts, it is not very often you hear of an agency with a surplus. >> when we closed the books last year there was about $10 million of unspent funds >> 10.8 to be exact because bart carried a record number of riders last year. 366,000 people per day, and collected about 8% more in sales tax revenue than the year before >> we are critical to have the extra money to put towards things passengers can really experience >> such as a late-night bus service installing air- conditioning and getting rid of the carpet in the cars and they're planning on spending nearly a million dollars to get rid of these guys. many people are glad the pigeons might be flying the coop >> i want them gone, i take the train almost every weekend i hate >> one thing we have found that is effective is metal sheeting
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that covers every possible whole that they can find a home and >> some people think is unnecessary >> to spend $1 million to keep pigeons from flying around? we live in san francisco, there are pigeons. to me, that is a waste of taxpayer dollars >> the pigeons are not the only vermin there. this youtube video recorded at the civic center station shows a rat and trying to run up the escalator in the wrong direction. when you are a passenger on bart it is all part of the ride >> you're on bart to ride to get home, not to worry about vermin >> some of the money will be spent on making a plan to deal with the growing cost of workers' compensation. >> expect delays if you are flying out of the sfo this weekend. one of the main runways will be shut down in just a few hours. it will close at 8:00 in remain that way until 8:00 monday
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morning. similar shutdowns are planned for the next two weekends. the biggest back up is expected between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow but delays are expected drop the weekend. get ready to start paying taxes on amazon orders. there is a loophole to get around them. mobile 5 is live in,,
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>> apple's stock rose by more than 1 percent today as the new iphone 5 sold out within hours on line. customers were able to pre order of a lighter to thinner and faster phone at midnight. the expected one week delivery time quickly grew to two weeks. online buyers are now being put on a waiting list. attention online shoppers, you had better run to the check out because at midnight tonight amazon and other major retailers will start taxing california customers. as len ramirez explains, there are ways around it. >> when you buy something on the amazon from now on you will pay very close attention to the vendors that the product actually comes from.
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amazon is the umbrella organization but there are dozens of smaller vendors that operate from out-of-state. if you buy from them you can avoid that tax. many people will start paying taxes starting at midnight tonight and people to do business on this street are pretty happy about it. at nickeled these books in san jose, they still do things the old-fashioned way. it is that kind of customer service that helps them outlast the competition and survive the impact of the amazon tax exemption in california. advantage is about to come to an end. bowling to pressure from california lawmakers, the online giant will begin to charge sales customers tax starting tomorrow. the reason is that amazon, a seattle company, does have a physical presence in california.
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the kindle was developed in cupertino. >> i am happy that the playing field has been level for local merchants and i'm happy the state will have the funds to keep the roads in repair that the use ps truck's drive up and down all the time >> amazon customers are not happy >> the reason we buy stock is because there is no tax but if they put a tax on it we might as well by at the brick and mortar store >> it is expected to boost california's budget of $158 million in the first year alone >> when you lose that revenue is affecting your roads, resources for local government, and education >> there is a legal loophole that could keep bargain hunters happy. amazon does not plan on keeping taxes on its vast network of vendors that often ship under the amazon name from out-of- state >> if you have no presence in the state it is very hard to collect taxes from you so those
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entities not in the state have the option of not paying taxes. you are supposed to be voluntarily paying those taxes yourself to pay them >> the state of california is gearing up for this. the state board of equalization is hiring new auditors to make sure people were supposed to be paying the taxes are paying the tax. >> crafty crux are switching out vehicle identification plates that uniquely identify your car so there is virtually no trace that the car was ever stolen. julie wants shows us out happened to the mother of five. >> she has been forced to hitch a ride to work every morning for a month >> i'm feeling helpless right now. >> she just learned that the chevrolet tahoe she just bought had been stolen before she bought it.
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the vehicle number had been switched out and the dmv has confiscated her family's only car >> i was waiting for aston to come out like a are you kidding me? >> is a growing problem, where crooks remove the stickers from one car and apply them to stolen cars >> is an easy way for someone to get rid of a stolen car. only a little more than half of all stolen cars are actually recovered. >> you are looking at 300,000 cars or so that are unaccounted for >> some go undetected. customs stop the shipment of luxury cars in april but you could be driving around the remaining stolen cars right here. the thieves are so good that a consumer advocate says you never know the number on your-inside the door or on your engine had
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been switched although she says a good mechanic should be able to detect it. >> she admits she did not have a mechanic inspector car before she bought it and is not know when she will be able to afford a new one. the dmv could not comment on this investigation because it is still active but a spokesperson says that one way to avoid this, whenever you buy a car from a private seller, have them meet you at the dmv so you can run the cars information. >> mobile 5 is live in oakland tonight with the end of a week- long campaign to save the city's professional sports teams. tonight, the goal is to sellout the oakland coliseum when the a's take on the orioles. this event wraps up five days of efforts by citizens and
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elected officials to build support for the a's, the of raiders, and the warriors to keep the teams in oakland. it looks like it will be a great night >> nice weather certainly brings the folks out and they will be brought out because the weather will keep going. in my opinion, some of the nicest weather in the entire country is right here in the bay area. it looks pretty good when the golden gate is not shrouded by fog which it is not right now. only low sixties in the city. a dozen degrees below normal at 72 in san jose. high-definition doppler radar is dry, we will stay dry for a while. the temperature will not change. 60 degrees at the coast. fog later this evening after midnight. mid-60s and blue skies this
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evening. maybe want to stop by the art wine and music festival in lafayette. looking beautiful, 82 degrees on saturday and sunday. lots of clouds off the coast but high-pressure doing its thing and burning the cloud cover back offshore. we will have a lot of sunshine over the weekend. the only thing that will change is high pressure will slide a little bit further to the south giving us more of an onshore flow. fog is likely at the coast and debate tonight. a lot of sunshine over the weekend and a slight cooling trend will continue next week. mid-70s in benicia, low 70's in
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richmond and berkeley. woke to mid-60s in san francisco and daly city. a slight cooling trend but still sunny in the mid-80s by the top of next weekend. will be looking at temperatures leveling off load to mid-80s inland. low 70's by the bay. sunshine continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> solder scientists are trying to restore sight in the blind. the transplanted stem cells to the eyes of two patients. >> 50 year-old sylvia can only see shadows with her left thigh. she was born with an eye condition. >> i can't see clearly what i assume would be trees and i also see what is probably rooftops >> slowly she has been losing
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the rest of her sight because her i has no way to control the light that comes through that is damaged or cornea >> i could never imagine what it is like to have normal vision >> now she's taking part in the first of its kind experiment in scotland where scientists are trying to restore some of her sight. scientists transplanted stem cells to cornea which they hope will prepare the damage. >> they do exactly what they do in life and that is, they reproduce themselves and they reproduce more mature cells so they grow out over the surface >> until now, a full transplant was the only treatment >> i think it will be a major step forward for the hundreds of thousands of individuals >> sylvia has no regrets >> i am really excited >> it will be months before [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. what comes to mind when you think middle-class? the bay area average and how that response mitt romney is triple digit response. the courier business, what is called the game changer for same-day delivery. all that and more at 6 >>


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